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They landed on the music scene with a roaring thunder. Much like the title, their tune Toofaan begins off unassumingly and after that slides upon you like a tempest. It’s a hard-hitting, abrasive, antiquated shake song of praise that looks back to the days when shake and metal managed the media, organize and our hearts. It additionally pays tribute to the band’s persuasions which, as indicated by lead vocalist, lyricist and by and large frontman Sherry Khattak, incorporates Linkin Park and the Foo Contenders among numerous others. As per Patari, Toofaan was the second most well known melody on their graphs in 2018.

I get Sherry in a post-show discussion via telephone. He’s in Multan on visit with one of the numerous demonstrations he plays sessions music with. Karakoram might be ‘another’ band, yet the line-up is old. “I came to Lahore from Karachi for the third period of Nescafe Storm cellar,” he relates. “I’ve been here from that point forward. The band itself has me, Umer Lahooti, Bilawal Lahooti � the drummer for Storm cellar � and on bass we have Omair Farooq who’s likewise on Cellar now.”

They initially got together around six-seven years prior and shaped a band called Overdose. Truly? “I don’t have the foggiest idea why we named it that!” giggles Sherry. “We all are so spotless, we don’t smoke! Aiwayien apna naam Overdose rakha tha [We kept the name Overdose only for the hell of it].”

Sherry Khattak discusses what’s in store from Karakoram after Toofaan

How could you end up re-naming the band Karakoram? “That is additionally an entertaining story,” giggles Sherry. “We were certain we needed to rename the band. In any case, farigh hain iss maamley mein ke kya rakhna hai [But we were at a misfortune about what to name it]. We were heading out from Lahore to Karachi, for Call � we’re in fact [playing as sessions musicians] with everybody nowadays. The seat plate in the plane had some Russian composed on it. There was a ‘K’ on the two sides. Xulfi stated, ‘This could be a fit logo.’ That is the point at which the thought came, to call it Karakoram.”

The band was named, not for the love or any association with the mountains, but since of a possibly cool logo with the letter ‘K’? “Indeed!” chuckles Sherry. “There was no vision, no nothing. We just named our band Karakoram. As peculiar as it sounds.” His trustworthiness is invigorating, yet I’m making a decent attempt not to feel completely scandalized.

The bandmembers are a piece of the house band that plays in Storm cellar � whose most recent season is on air at this moment. They additionally perform with an assortment of different acts, including Call, Farhan Saeed, Meesha Shafi and so on. How would they even discover time to provide for their very own band? “That is the greatest issue we’re confronting at this moment,” admits Sherry. “We’re making a decent attempt. We weren’t expecting such a decent reaction. Individuals come up to me, on visits where I’m playing sessions for different acts, since they’ve heard Toofaan. I wasn’t anticipating this, particularly that in Pakistan individuals tune in to overwhelming music.”

Regardless of the snags, they’re resolved. “We’re not going to stop,” says Sherry. “We will complete two additional tunes in around February-Walk. We’ve recorded two demos, one is a tune from season four, called Fa’ana. I did that melody, it’s sort of surrounding. The other one resembles Toofaan, it’s heavier. We’re simply befuddled about what to put out first.”

Maybe they simply need to ruminate about it in the mountains.

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